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Hulshof Protein Technologies
At its two production sites in the Netherlands, HPT (Hulshof Protein Technologies) produces a range of highly functional native animal proteins. Our products are unrivalled in their class and offer the best value-price mix available in the market today.

State-of-the-art production facilities
For our porcine, poultry and fish collagen, we have invested in a state-of-the art production plant. In 2013, after several years of development, HPT started the production of extremely pure and native proteins with a level of functionality and hygiene unheard of so far. The process is unique, and involves no heat treatment at all, leaving the proteins native – and consequently as functional - as is theoretically possible. We are so confident of the outstanding properties of our top-off-class proteins that we can assure you a significant improvement of your Cost of Use.

High quality, high functionality
For almost two decades now, our bovine protein has built up an impeccable reputation. This is thanks to its extremely high functionality, which is the result of a rigorous quality system, combined with the craftsmanship of our operators. Despite the inherent fluctuations of the quality of the raw materials used, there are no quality fluctuations in our end products. The main reason for this is that we come from a long heritage of leather producers, and understand both the market and the products like no other. Our reputation and heritage have gained us a strong and steadily growing global distribution network. Our new pork, poultry and fish proteins are produced along the same quality standards that built the reputation of our bovine protein.

Product support
All of our products are available in various levels of coarseness, ranging from fine powders suitable for injection or blending, to texturizing fibres.
Moreover, we offer the technological support you need to make the best use of our proteins. You can rely on Collapro protein to do exactly what you and your customers are looking for; improve your quality, while cutting your cost.