Collapro NEW!...<br>Nutraceuticals!
Collapro NEW!...
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Collapro works...    because it's natural
Collapro works... because it's naturalLearn more
Collapro Porcine...<br>low fat content!
Collapro Porcine...
low fat content!
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Collapro novelty...<br>native Fish Protein!
Collapro novelty...
native Fish Protein!
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Collapro...3 functionalities in 1 product!

Collapro is a pure, native protein fibre, made from several quality animal hides/skins. Collapro is a high functional protein and can be used in all kinds of processed meat applications. Collapro has excellent binding qualities, not only improving the yield of your product, but also improving its texture, bite and making it easier to slice. Collapro also enables you to reduce non-meat additives, which makes it very suitable for clean label products!

Waterbinding, emulsification and texturising.

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Collapro works... a water binder

Collapro absorbs (cold setting) and binds (hot setting) water in your meat products. Due to the excellent water binding properties, the quality and yield of your products will improve.

Collapro prevents water loss in finished meat products and therefore helps preserve the color and shelf life of your products. an emulsifier

When Collapro is blended with meat, fibres expand and form a strong protein matrix within the meat mass.

This fibrous protein matrix remains functional throughout the cooking process, encapsulating fat particles, thus increasing the yield. improve the texture

The natural meat structure of emulsified and comminuted products and even hams is often lost during processing. Using Collapro in the process will improve the texture and compensate for that loss.

Using Collapro will also improve the bite of your products, and if you are an industrial slicer your slicing yield will increase markedly.