Value-adding partnership

The only way to produce proteins and derivatives from natural hides and skins while preserving native protein properties is by performing efficient degreasing at low processing temperatures. The Ten Kate Protein Technology solves this paradox and makes this possible! It can process any raw material, regardless of fat content or fat satiety. It can not only help to deliver cost efficiencies but also delivers protein and fat quality unheard of before.

The mild process allows complete flexibility in the further process steps required to obtain the final product. The relevant final product parameters, like residual fat and the residual water can be fully controlled. The fat extracted is of food grade quality, and also highly stable, as it too has not been exposed to thermal stress.

Delivering added value to the Protein Industry - You are not alone!

  • Testing facility for your animal by products
  • Protein based developments
  • Toll processing
  • Food/Feed/Nutrition/Nutraceutical/Cosmetic applications

Ten Kate Protein Technology believes strongly in partnership. We listen attentively to your story, actively anticipate your needs, and allow you to benefit maximally from your experience and expertise in proteins and derivatives. We are happy to contribute by cooperating with you on the development of novel, exclusive products.