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Collapro offers you a various range of high functional animal proteins in different particle sizes which can be used in all kinds of processed meat/fish applications. Collapro has excellent binding qualities, not only improving the yield of your product, but also improving its texture, bite and making it easier to slice. Collapro also enables you to reduce unnatural additives, which makes it very suitable for clean label products!

With the exception of the Collapro Porcine proteins all of our proteins are produced purely from high quality hides/skins from EU-registered slaughterhouses using a unique and patented extraction technology that does not involve any heat treatment (leaving the proteins in their native shape), resulting in products with superior functionality and unrivalled analytical purity.

A very exiting development is the new process we currently use to produce Collapro poultry/fish protein. This process is also capable of creating a high functional fibre or powdery collagen from poultry with a fat content of < 3%. You can be assured that we can increase the yield and quality of your processed Collapro poultry/fish products to an extent never seen before.


Collapro Porcine products are broadly applicable, with the following advantages:

  • Meat structure improvement
  • Excellent gelling properties
  • Improvement of bite and mouth feel
  • Better sliceability (reduced slicing losses)
  • Excellent water retention in vacuum packed products
  • Increased meat content
  • Reduction of non-meat additives, suitable for clean label products
  • Improved processing (reduced stickiness)
  • Reduction of cooking losses
  • Improved fermentation and drying processes
  • Higher yield
  • Synergistic effects in combination with other ingredients
  • Neutral flavor
  • GMO free
  • Halal