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Porcine Protein Collapro

Our Porcine protein is produced purely from high quality pork skins from EU-registered slaughterhouses using a unique and patented extraction technology that does not involve any heat treatment (leaving the proteins in their native shape), resulting in products with superior functionality and unrivalled analytical purity.

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Collapro Porcine products are broadly applicable, with the following advantages:

  • Very low fat content; <3%
  • Easily dispersible in cold and hot water, no fat lumps!
  • Meat structure improvement
  • Very low bacterial count
  • Superior gelling/water binding properties
  • Improvement of bite and mouth feel
  • Better sliceability (reduced slicing losses)
  • Excellent water retention in vacuum packed products
  • Reduction of non-meat additives, suitable for clean label products
  • Improved processing (reduced stickiness)
  • Reduction of cooking losses
  • Improved fermentation and drying processes
  • Higher yield
  • Synergistic effects in combination with other ingredients
  • Neutral flavor
  • GMO free