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Human – Carticol

With the ageing population and increasing welfare across the world, we face new health challenges. Joint problems due to arthritis is one of them. The solution is Carticol!

Collagen supplements are taken in different forms for the treatment of arthritis: as a hydrolyzed collagen product or in the form of an undenatured collagen type II; both forms have different dosing strategies and while their benefits may share some similarities they can be considered as different supplements. Undenatured collagen type II is taken in at a much lower dose and only once daily, has an immune modulating component to it and is more effective than hydrolyzed collagen.

Native Collagen Type 2

For your pets…

The health and well-being of your pet comes first. Therefore, our mission is to give your pet a long and trouble-free life.

We provide our partner(s) with ingredients for supplementary feed for dogs, cats and horses. The use of native collagen type 2 is based on the latest scientific findings.

Because of the native and active form, our product can make a valuable contribution to the nutrition of your pet.



Skin for Skin

With fish collagen
„the best nature has to offer”



The best nature has to offer. The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C. That’s Skin for Skin. A 100% natural product, with native collagen from fish caught in the wild.

Skin for Skin is a food supplement that consists of a small capsule of fish collagen and vitamin C naturally helps the body produce and absorb collagen, making it a key ingredient of the Skin for Skin supplements. If we do not consume enough vitamin C, our body is unable to produce adequate amounts of collagen fibres. One Skin for Skin capsule contains 200 mg of pure collagen and 20 mg of vitamin C, making it a pure and extremely powerful supplement.



If you would like more information about our company and products, please contact us. We will be happy to help!

Ten Kate´s Promise

Collapro's benefits

The application of Collapro collagen fibre in the meat processing industry, offers several advantages in the realm of food and health.

  1. Replacement of several additives
  2. Juicier meat products: faster saturation.
  3. Low-fat end products.
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