The foodstuff market is demanding and dynamic. Legislation and regulation are strict. Consumers ask for high and affordable quality and retailers like to see novel, successful products and concepts. As a producer, you are faced with the challenge to consolidate your position on all fronts. You aim at producing as efficiently as possible, creating added value and maximising the yield of your processes and products. Experimenting with new recipes and technologies is within our scope as well. Optimising, innovating! These are necessary, exiting and often complex processes you cannot avoid engaging in.



collapro´s health benefits

several advantages in the realm of food and health.

Health benefits.


The application of Collapro collagen fibre in the meat processing industry, offers several advantages in the realm of food and health.

  1. Replacement of several additives which are often not present in meat originally and sometimes even include E numbers. In a combined meat recipe, just one native meat protein of the same animal (porcine – porcine , poultry – poultry or fish – fish), can replace several additives! Moreover, this leads to a simplified packaging label and more declaration friendliness, which is of interest to the meat producer.
  2. Juicier meat products: faster saturation. Too much of a good thing, isn’t so good anymore… Thanks to its water-binding properties, applying Collapro’s protein fibre to meat recipes, leads to a better yield, also after cooking. The consumer has a juicier end product, resulting in a quicker feeling of saturation, thus preventing overeating.
  3. Low-fat end products. When adding extremely fatty poultry skins, to processed meat products, meat processors face restrictions on other fat-introducing ingredients. However, when adding low-fat Collapro protein fibres to meat products only the protein content increases. The resulting meat products are leaner.

To be able to guarantee the safety of our products, Ten Kate Protein Technologies has introduced the Food Safety Quality system FSSC 22000 by which the production process is screened continuously, from the purchasing of the raw materials to the delivery of the end product. Consequently, you can expect a high-grade, safe and functional product, officially approved and certified by The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.



the best quality

of selected and certified skins for the production of Collapro.



Ten Kate Protein Technologies uses only the best quality of selected and certified skins for the production of Collapro. The raw materials are sourced exclusively from EU-registered slaughterers and are fit for human consumption. This is your guarantee that the raw materials processed by Ten Kate Protein Technologies are derived from animals that were subjected to ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection and found to be free of infectious or contagious diseases. 

The Collapro plant of Ten Kate Protein Technologies in Groenlo is registered at The Dutch Food & Consumer Product Safety Authority under number NL208368EC.

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